It might seem unbelievable. A famous member of Bills mafia getting to ride along to Mars...but it's true!

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According to WGRZ, The Mars Perseverance, a NASA rover that is scheduled to lift off on Thursday morning (7/30) with a destination of Mars, will have a control chip inscribed with the name of Ezra Castro, also known as Pancho Billa.

Pancho Billa was the Bills' most famous fan, whose gameday outfit, warm heart, and fiery persona made him a household name in the NFL fanbases.

Castro died last year after battling cancer.

His story reached a NASA engineer, who decided to honor Castro by inscribing his name and the names of his family to the control chip aboard the Mars rover.

The engineer even gave the family boarding passes for the rover.

Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the family of Ezra Castro won't be able to attend the launch in person.

Still, just the fact that Ezra Castro's name will be headed to Mars is beyond amazing. I never would have thought that an important member of Bills Mafia would be landing on another planet in our solar system.

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