One day after the blockbuster trade that sent goaltender Ryan Miller and team captain Steve Ott to St. Louis, Pat LaFontaine resigned his position with the Buffalo Sabres to resume his previous position with the National Hockey League.

LaFontaine thanked owner Terry Pegula for the opportunity to lead the Sabres through a difficult transition period. He also thanked Sabres fans for the way he was treated over the years as a player and executive with the team. LaFontaine also wished his best to the players in the future.

With LaFontaine now gone, Tim Murray remains the general manager, and Craig Patrick stays on as senior hockey advisor, and of course Ted Nolan is still the interim head coach.

But the question remains: Why did LaFontaine resign? Was it a power struggle in the front office? Did it have something to do with the trade the day before? Did LaFontaine feel he wasn't really suited for the job?  \We may never find out the real answer to that question.

So in a period of just a bit over three months, LaFontaine is hired, brings Ted Nolan and Craig Patrick with him. He hires Tim Murray after a long search, then leaves. To be honest, with Murray as the general manager, I really wasn't sure what LaFontaine's role was with the team...and maybe he wasn't either.

The announcement came as a shock to fans and the players alike. It appears there may be more problems with this team than just players. Winning a Stanley Cup seems like such a distant, far off dream right now.