The DNA results from Patrick Kane's rape allegations have come back and they have risen some questions in the case.

According to sources from The Buffalo News, the DNA evidence:

does not confirm a woman’s allegations that Patrick Kane raped her, four sources familiar with the case told The Buffalo News.

DNA tests taken from a rape kit conducted on the woman showed no trace of Kane’s DNA was found in the woman’s genital area or on her undergarments.

Now, that does not mean that the case is closed and over with by any means, but it surely raises questions. On Thursday, Kane, for the first time, talked publicly about the incident, but declined to make comments about the details of the case.

According to one sex prosecutor,

The absence of DNA and semen, in itself, does not prove that there was no rape. It proves that there was no ejaculation, or possibly, that the perpetrator wore a condom.”

There is still negotiating going on to try and settle out of court between the two parties. Patrick Kane's DNA was found under the woman's fingernails and on her shoulders, apparently.


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