Even though he was rated 99 overall in the latest version of Madden Football, reigning NFL Superbowl champ Patrick Mahomes is still bitter about Josh Allen having a higher rating when it comes to arm strength.

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Maholmes has challenged the Buffalo Bill quarterback to a throwing contest to see who really has the strongest arm in the league after Madden rated Allen's arm strength at 99 and Mahomes at 97.

According to Syracuse.com, Mahomes is really to settle the debate of who has the strongest arm in the NFL.

“Dude, obviously Josh has an extremely strong arm, but I’ve yet to see someone have a stronger arm than me,” Mahomes said. “Maybe we can line up... I know we talked about maybe having a throw-off and then we can prove who really has the strongest arm.”

In February of last year during an interview with Bar Stool Sports, Allen was asked about who had the stronger arm, Allen simply answered "We can Find out"

Chances are that the two QBs will not square off in a one on one contest, but if football does return this season, we will see them battle against each other on Thursday, October 15th in Buffalo.

The last times the Bills played the Chiefs it was back in November of 2017 and the Bills won 16-10. It must be pointed out the neither Mahomes nor Allen played in that game.


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