After the Bills demolished the Patriots on Saturday night, did you wonder what it would be like to watch the game with one of their fans?  It would be like this…

Ok, Ok, I know it feels like we are dwelling on one game for a little longer than we probably should.  We should move on.  But man…after being dominated for years and years it feels incredible to give the Patriots a taste of their own medicine.

At this point, just about everyone is aware that the Bills played as close to a perfect offensive game as anyone has seen in the history of the NFL.  They never had to punt.  They never settled for a field goal.  They didn’t even have to decide if they should go for it on 4th down for the entire game.  They scored every single time they were given a possession.

So what was it like to watch the game through a Patriots fan’s eyes?

That’s what YouTuber FlightReacts does on his page.  He literally watches football games and reacts to them as a fan.  Mind you…he claims to be a Patriots fan (even though he doesn’t know who #13 is…).

If you choose to watch the video, be aware that he uses a lot of NSFW language.  I mean…I can’t really blame him.  As a Patriot fan, it must have been awful to watch.

If you choose not to watch the entire video, here are some of the times that you can advance to in order to see some of the best reactions:

00:16 – How long he thinks it’s been since the Bills have been in the Super Bowl

00:57 – How easy he thinks this game is going to be

01:02 – What Patriots fans normally think Bills games are for

01:18 – Where he realizes what the temperature is…and attempts to locate Buffalo on a map (spoiler alert…he’s waaay off)

01:34 – The first moment where he realizes that this game might not be a walk in the park

02:34 – Micah Hyde steals his dreams away

06:14 – Josh Allen breaks a tackle…and FlightReact’s heart

09:39 – Josh Allen breaks ankles…and FlightReact’s heart…again

10:18 – Catching second hand embarrassment

10:28 – Singletary scores…again…and he realizes how many times they’ve scored

11:00-12:04 - Armchair quarterbacking with confusion and denial

12:06 – Unsure about Bill Belichick and his ability to coach

12:17 – Some Patriot momentum coming out of halftime

12:36 – Total letdown again

15:37 – Actual depression sets in…this lasts awhile.

18:38 – He just leaves.  He can’t take it.  Maybe he had to go to the bathroom or something?

20:35 – He still doesn’t know where Buffalo is

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