When we heard that Paul Rudd & Jeffrey Dean Morgan owned a candy store together we cocked our heads to the side like you probably just did.  Then we took a trip to check it out.

You might know Paul Rudd as Ant-man from the Marvel series.  Although he's been in a ton of other things like Anchorman, Knocked Up, and more recently a movie on Netflix called "The Fundamentals of Caring" (Which is a great movie if you're looking for one!).

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be well known to fans of the comic book turned TV series, "The Walking Dead."  He plays the part of one of their nastiest villains.  His character name is Negan and on the show, he is brutal.

But in real life, he and his wife (Hilarie Burton Morgan, One Tree Hill) live on a working farm in Rhinebeck, NY.  When they first got there, they often stopped into a store called "Samuel's Sweet Shop."  It was a candy store that was owned by a person named Ira Gutner.  He passed away just a few months after they moved there.  Instead of waiting to see if someone else would buy it, they pooled together some money with a few friends including Paul Rudd.  Then they called the store and bought it themselves.

It's a great shop!  They have a ton of stuff in this little store.  It's everything from some retro candy to chocolates and drinks.

It's a pretty cool little town too.  There are a couple of little shops there (and another little comic book store up the street that my son loved) and when we got there, they even had some street performers playing some laid-back guitar.  It was super relaxing while we sat outside and ate our candies.

I'm not going to make it out like it's Willie Wonka's chocolate factory.  It was a cute little candy shop in a small town. But if you're taking a road trip to the coast this summer and will be heading to Hudson Valley (or somewhere close to it) it was kind of cool to say that I had been to the candy shop that Ant-man and Negan owned.  It's about a 5 hour drive.  It made sense for us because we were heading back from Boston anyway.

I can't help but wonder what it's like to work for Negan...


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