If you've already gone through the bag of candy that you got for Halloween at the beginning of the month, maybe try this place in Tonawanda that went viral on Tik Tok.

The store is called Hello Sweets Candy and Pop Shop.  You can find them at 50 Main Street, Suite A, in Tonawanda.  You may remember them from a few months ago when a customer asked if they would post a tik tok of them packing their specific order.  The people at Hello Sweets obliged.  They went through the store, gathered the order and posted the video on Tik Tok.  Before they knew it, the tik tok went viral.

@hellosweetscandyReply to @lovemybabies22 Pack an order with us ##candy ##ilovecandy ##hellosweetscandy ##smallbusiness ##packanorderwithme♬ original sound - Hello Sweets Candy & Pop Shop

It's a great thing for something like that to go viral.  But in this case, it created a bit of a problem.  It's a good problem for sure, but a problem nonetheless.  According to SweetBuffalo716.com they sold out.

"I think you guys broke my store.  By the time I'm done packing all of your orders, 99% of our candy is gone."

Social media really has become a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Let's be honest, it's not always a place for happiness and positivity.   But when it comes to keeping in touch with family and friend and for things like this, we can all be incredibly grateful that we have it.

Good luck this weekend with your trick or treaters!  Have fun and stay safe!

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