Now that Paula's Donuts and Flying Bison are becoming neighbors in Larkinville, it makes sense that they would collaborate on a new brew.

If you haven't heard, Buffalo's famous Paula's Donuts is building a new location in Larkinville.  It's also close to one of Buffalo's famous breweries in Flying Bison.  So it makes sense that the two would come together to make something delicious.

Flying Bison made the announcement that they were dreaming up plans of a new brew and now they've announced what they have come up with.  Paula’s Peanut Stick Porter was released yesterday at 4pm.

It's described as being brewed with a variety of dark malts, peanut & vanilla and it is 8.0% ABV.

It's not available quite yet in bottles but will be available in bottles next weekend.

So we've got donut flavored the question is, would beer flavored donuts be delicious?  Or should we just stick with the beer?


**UPDATE**  We received a call that it's in bottles already!  Go get it!

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