Flying Bison

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Buffalo on Tap is New York State’s Largest Craft Beer Festival
Over 150 kinds of Craft Beers will be on Tap
NOT JUST LOCALS!....Craft beers from across the state the US & International beers
Here's what's in the  Ebenezer Ale House Buffalo Beer Zone:

Big Ditch
Black Bi…
E.B.'s Tower Power
They're my favorite local brewery and there's a new brew coming out this Sunday in honor of the ongoing restoration efforts for the EB Green designed First Presbyterian Church.  It has an iconic tower on it and that's where the name comes from - From Flying Bison it's E…
Bisonfest And The Bills Make For A Sweet Sunday
Sunday's are usually pretty busy in our household. A few of our Sunday morning rituals include: grocery shopping, gassing up the vehicles, yard work and laundry. And in the Fall, we try to get everything done early so we can sit down and watch our favorite football team of all time: The Buffalo…
John La Mond Tries The New Buffalo Kolsch 716
I am a firm believer in supporting local Western New York businesses. Whenever possible, I try to spend my hard-earned dollars on Buffalo-based businesses. I think it's very important to try to keep our local businesses going strong. One of those such companies is the Flying Bison Brewery...
A Review Of Flying Bison Buffalo IPA [VIDEO]
With the economy the way it is here in Buffalo. I feel it's important that we support local products whenever we can.
When it comes to buying beer, I try to make sure I purchase some of the Flying Bison products made right here in the Queen city...