Flying Bison Brewery is located on traditional Haudenosaunee land. They're trying to recognize and honor the indigenous people of this area with this beer.

Flying Bison Brewing has teamed up with Bow & Arrow Beer Brewing Company to create a new beer.  Bow & Arrow is located in New Mexico and they are the first Native American woman-owned brewery.  They've created the Native Land Brewing Campaign and have recruited 44 other breweries from 23 states to join in.

The new beer is a limited edition IPA called, "Native Land" and it's available today.  According to WGRZ, the materials to make the IPA have been donated by New York Craft Malt and East Prairie Hop Company, and all of the sale proceeds will go to support The Center for Indigenous Cancer Research at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Flying Bison can be found in the Larkin District at 840 Seneca Street in Buffalo.  They're open Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm-8pm, and Friday and Saturday from noon to 8pm.  In addition to their incredible beers, you'll find a limited menu of snacking foods like pretzels, cheese plates, and The Original Pizza logs that you can eat while you're there.  If you'd like to plan a brewery tour, they do those too!  Contact the brewery for information on those tours.

If you don't already follow them online, you should.  They're constantly doing tasting events, live music, comedy and other great events to support the community. They've got everything from a musical quartet to what they call "Moderately Difficult Trivia for Moderately Sober People."  That looks like a riot. Click here for a page that will tell you about some of their upcoming events.

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