Sunday's are usually pretty busy in our household. A few of our Sunday morning rituals include: grocery shopping, gassing up the vehicles, yard work and laundry. And in the Fall, we try to get everything done early so we can sit down and watch our favorite football team of all time: The Buffalo Bills.

I must admit I was a little bit nervous before the start of yesterday's game. After watching the first two games of the season, I was not sure what to expect (even going up against a crappy team like the Browns). As my late dad always said, "on any given day, any team can beat any other team in the NFL".

Obviously, it turned out to be a wonderful day for the Bills as they beat Cleveland, but one thing that sweetened the win for me was the Bisonfest lager I was drinking. It turned out to be very fitting; drinking a Buffalo-made lager while watching my Buffalo Bills. Bisonfest lager is an Oktoberfest lager made by the Flying Bison Brewing Company. This brew was totally satisfying and enjoyable! I think I may need to get some more for the next Bills game.

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