We only have a week left of February, which is the time of the winter where people are over it and are looking forward to the springtime weather. This has been a pretty weird winter in New York state, with crazy early season snowstorms and back-and-forth temperatures.

Lent starts this Wednesday, which means that Easter will be here before you know it.

Easter means that Easter candy and other food products for the springtime will be making its way into stores before you know it, if they have not already.

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Peeps is probably the number one food associated with Easter and lately, there has been numerous Peeps-related products.

Now, a peep-flavored soda pop has made its way to store shelves and many people are already disregarding its taste before even trying it.

There's now a Peeps-flavored Pepsi, which was debuted this week. Technically, the product was a contest-only release in 2021, so it's not entirely brand new, but it seems to be making more headway in social media circuits.

It's unclear how long the Peeps-flavored Pepsi will be available but it's probably good to guess it will only be for a short period of time.

Peeps in general are a polarizing food and adding it to a famous soda brand is a wild pairing that will surely be even more polarizing.

When you see it you probably think, "I have to try this, even if I absolutely hate it."

That is when you know a new product is worth releasing.

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