How can you skip the great deals around Thanksgiving?  It used to be Black Friday that people would camp out for.  Now, they're getting earlier and earlier with the sales.  This year, many stores will open on Thanksgiving day, and at least two ladies refuse to miss those great deals.

That's because they've already started camping out in front of Best Buy.  Their names are Vicky Torres and Juanita Salas.  As it turns out, they've been there since LAST Wednesday.

I'll do the math for you on that one...that means they'll spend 22 days camping out before Thanksgiving.  If they worked eight-hour minimum wage jobs for just half of those days at California's $9-an-hour rate, they'd each make around $800 . . . which is far more than any discount they'll get.

So why do it?

They're camping out to watch people and to get a good deal on a TV.