Pickleball is becoming a huge new sport for people of all ages to try.  But where can you play in Western New York?

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Ever heard someone say that they were going to play pickleball and been completely confused as to what it was?  Us too!  But it's become a super popular game that people of all ages are picking up.

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a game that could be the baby if tennis, badminton, and ping pong all got together.  It's played with paddles and whiffle balls on a full-size badminton court.  While it's just starting to really pick up in the United States, it's been around since 1965. One of the things that has really made the sport pick up over the years is how easy it is to learn.

The game starts with an underhanded serve that has to be hit cross-court.  Just like in ping pong, the ball can only bounce once per side.  But the game continues until the ball either bounces twice on one side or is hit out of bounds.  Games go to either 11 or 15.

There is actually a USA Pickleball Association

The USA Pickleball Association has made it their mission to promote the sport, maintain the rules, and host tournaments.  They have all kinds of tips for things to wear, equipment you'll need, and specific dimensions of the court and net height when you click here.

Where can you play in Western New York?

So where can you play here?  The answer is, pretty much anywhere with a badminton court.  But if you're looking for some specific places to go, Google has some places they will suggest and even reviews from people who have played there.  Here are just a couple of them:

1.  Willow Ridge Park - Willow Green Dr, Buffalo, NY 14228

Tennis/pickleball courts, and a playground for kids. A few picnic tables. There is not a lot here. But we enjoyed it for what it was! We had a picnic lunch, and then we played pickleball while the kids played on the playground. - Jewel Smith

2. Pickleball Island - 401 Lang Blvd, Grand Island, NY 14072

If you love pickleball then be sure to check out this facility! We are from Waterloo, Ontario Canada and we decided to spend a weekend and play here. It's drop in play, so we decided to play the Saturday 9:00am open play all skill level session. It was rather busy but the staff are super organized and keep the games moving...paddles are boxed in winners and non-winners and alternately pulled in groups of 4 for the next available court. Great system. They also have higher skill sessions which I attended in the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday. Only downside is there isn't much of a change room for non-members. Relegated to the bathrooms. The staff and owners were helpful and very friendly. Definitely plan on going back for more. And they have cornhole upstairs too! - Craig Tomlin

3. Rally Niagara Badminton & Pickleball - 6205 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

I cannot recommend this club enough! The owner, Mike, is so sweet and welcoming and doesn't mind taking the time to explain things to new players. He does his best to make everyone feel welcomed and at ease. The players there were wonderful too, everyone is friendly and just there for the love of the game. - Fred Stanley

4. Glen Meadows Park - Olympiad Dr, Hamburg, NY 14075

Fantastic pickle ball courts! Great softball diamonds. Has two picnic shelters. Very clean and new. - JFL 4066

5. Havenwood Park - Located off Long Road at Settlers Row on Grand Island

Nice small tot park. Very picturesque and scenic. Pickleball and tennis courts. Two shelters with picnic tables. A hockey area for street hockey. - Danger Maggio

Want to play pickleball somewhere outside of Western New York?

Pickleball? Odd name? For sure. But there is no doubt that this is one of America's favorite sporting pastimes today. It started in 1965 in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Its popularity grew throughout the Northwest and today it is the fastest-growing sport in the United States.

Here are 13 places (among a hundred) where you can play pickleball in Upstate New York.

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