How many of you have dreamed of a festival dedicated to that incredible polish dumpling better known as "pierogi?"  Well, your dreams are about to come true.

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We have a festival for just about everything in Buffalo.  We've got tons of beer fests, Italian Fest, Winterfest, Winefest, and tons of other food fests.  This year, we're going to have another food festival back.  Say hello to Pierogi-Fest.

What is a Pierogi?

If you are new to Western New York, there's a chance you've never heard of pierogi.  It's a type of dumpling that is made with dough that is then filled either with a savory or a sweet filling.  Normally the savory options include potato, cheese or saurkraut.  The sweet ones are normally filled with farmer's cheese and either dipped or drizzled in a fruit sauce.

What is Pierogi-Fest?

Pierogi Fest is a celebration of that incredible dumpling that we all love.  It's a huge party with live music, cold beer, dancing, artisan foods, and of course, plenty of pierogi.

There will be four different vendors offering a variety of traditional and even non-traditional pierogi for you to try.

When is Pierogi-Fest?

This time of year is huge for the Polish tradition of making Pierogi with your family.  They'll be coming back to Pierogi-Fest after some time off on April 1st from 1-5pm.

How much does it cost to go to Pierogi-Fest?

A ticket to party at Pierogi-Fest will run you $30.  That includes the party with live music, a dozen pierogi tickets, and some free samples too!

Where is Pierogi-Fest?

It's held at The Terrace at Delaware Park and includes pierogi and samples from Babcia Pierogi, Simply Pierogi, Barbie Pierogi, Cheesy Chicks, Barrel & Brine, Thin Man Brewery, Stolichnaya

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