This one is a shame and may hit home with a lot of people here in Western New York. A plane that crashed in Clarence, killing everyone on board, in 2009 may have the same cause as Saturday's crash in California.

Asiana Airlines Inc said the pilot in charge of landing the Boeing 777 that crash-landed at San Francisco's airport on Saturday was training for the long-range plane and that it was his first flight to the airport with the jet.

A spokeswoman for the airline company went on the record to say,

It was Lee Kang-kook's maiden flight to the airport with the jet... He was in training. Even a veteran gets training (for a new jet).

He has a lot of experience and previously flown to San Francisco on different planes including the B747... and he was assisted by another pilot who has more experience with the 777.

Lee has been a pilot for quite some time actually. The problem now lies that this was a brand new kind of plane that he had not been a pilot for very long. "Lee, who started his career at Asiana as an intern in 1994, has 9,793 hours of flying experience, but only 43 hours with the Boeing 777 jet."

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