5 different schools. 5 different incidents.

It's a scary thing after a tragic school shooting when many worry about copy cats or similar incidents following. With the use of social media and the get-it-now day and age we live in, it increases the copy cat idea and the day after a school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead, that's what officials were scared to see.

Five different incidents ranging from threats, to alarming social media posts, got the attention of police all over the United States. Of the schools, two happened to be in Western New York last week: Randolph in Cattaraugus County and BOCES in Ashville.

The school shooting in Florida continues to reverberate across the country. This morning, in two schools in Upstate New York, we had what appears to be "copycat" threats made by students threatening violence and saying they would bring guns to schools. These two matters are under control. The schools involved were the Chautauqua Lake School District and the Randolph Academy in Cattaraugus County. Both students are in police custody. State Police are on site, and the schools are functioning once again after a brief closure this morning.


While this morning's incidents have been resolved, the school system and local police departments remain on full alert. Out of an abundance of caution, I am ordering the State Police to increase its patrols around schools statewide", Cuomo said the day after the Florida shootings.

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