Buffalo is unique, but it is not a huge city, and we don't have the traffic that some cities have to deal with, which makes the Queen City the perfect place to explore by car.

Ask anyone in Buffalo..."Where are the best places to eat?" The answers will surprise you, because you won't hear the usual chain restaurants.  You'll hear the places Buffalonians love to eat.  Most of them have been around forever. They might not be elegant, but they are certainly tasty, memorable and indicative of what makes Buffalo a great city.

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Buffalo is about the people and the food. The best places to eat, while enjoying the ambiance of Buffalo are spread out all over the city and residents are usually keen to introduce you to the best places to eat while visiting the city.

These aren't “fancy” restaurants or the newest restaurants, so there is no need to get all dressed up but I guarantee the classic food that Buffalo has to offer you’ll want to try and will have you wanting to visit again.

The food is good like mama used to make, it's not expensive, and there's always a story that goes along with it, that residents and store owners will be glad to share with you.

So fasten your seatbelt, but don't get comfortable because there are plenty of places to visit, that will leave you wanting to bring your friends back to Buffalo for their own food tour of the city.

Places To Eat When Visiting Buffalo [GALLERY]



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