Now that warmer weather is on tap for Western New York and campgrounds are open, a lot of people will be spending their free time camping. If you plan on going camping this summer make sure you know these safety tips.

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The National Weather Service in Buffalo tweeted out some helpful tips for campers this summer.

They include:

Know The Weather Forecast, that way you can prepare and know what to pack.

Let someone know your plans. No matter where you are camping, let someone know where you will be and when you are expected back home. That way if something happens, at least someone will know where you are.

Know where to find the closet shelter. If you are tent camping and a bad storm pops up, make sure you know where you can go for a good study shelter.

Pack a safety kit and weather radio. Living here in WNY, we know that the weather can change quickly. Having a weather radio will keep you up to date if bad weather is expected.

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