There is a new ban on plastic bags that is looming in New York State.

Governor Cuomo has announced a plan to encourage New Yorkers to recycle and it means that there will be a ban on those plastic bags that you get from stores or restaurants.

Metro Source News reports:

The governor says the idea is to eliminate bags that don't biodegrade and hurt the environment.  Cuomo is also expected to ask for the state's bottle bill to be expanded.  That change could make most non-alcoholic beverage containers eligible for redemption.

I will say that I see plenty of bags floating in the air when it is windy here in downtown Buffalo. However, I also use the bags for so many things around the house. We have two dogs and it is very convenient to have bags under the sink to grab when we go for a walk. The bags are perfect for poop pick up.

I also use the bags to store empty pop and beer cans and water bottles.

Source: Fox News



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