Tonight (Nov. 6) is the biggest night in country music: the CMA Awards! I love country music, but honestly, awards shows can get a little dry on their own. So, what better way to make the ceremonies more enjoyable than a good old fashioned drinking game?

Here are the rules:

  • Drink every time Carrie Underwood changes outfits.
  • Two drinks whenever someone is wearing jeans or a baseball cap or something that's not supposed to go with a suit jacket.
  • Shrug and drink every time someone talks and you have no idea who they are.
  • Yell "Praise the Lord!" and chug every time someone thanks God or Jesus in their acceptance speech.
  • Yell "'Merica!" and drink every time someone says "America."
  • Drink whenever someone gets choked up during an acceptance speech.
  • Drink every time someone looks shocked that they won.
  • Do a shot every time a non-country artist performs with a country artist.
  • Two drinks every time a famous couple is shown together on camera (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Blake and Miranda, etc.)
  • Cheers and drink every time someone thanks the fans.
  • Do a shot anytime an acceptance speech gets cut off.
  • Finish your drink if something crazy happens, like an F-Bomb or a wardrobe malfunction.

What other rules do you think should be added to the game? Let us know in the comments.

Here's Blake Shelton tipping back a few with Trace Adkins in the video for "Hillbilly Bone".

WYRK would like to remind our listeners to only drink if you are over 21 -- and be responsible and and always designate a driver. Cheers!

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