We're into the holiday season. Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we prepare for Christmas Day.

From buying gifts in-store to going online to order them before the arrival of December 25th, the holidays are now in full swing. Because the calendar is after Thanksgiving, that means that all bets are off for snowfall in Buffalo and Western New York.

If you have lived in Buffalo long enough, then you know that late November and December is the time of the year where lake effect snow is the most prevalent. That's because the temperatures dip low enough for snow to fall and Lake Erie is still warm enough...that triggers lake effect snow, which can be heavy and downright unpredictable. One shift in the winds or temperature can change the forecast.

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Unfortunately, as fortunate as we were this past week avoiding lake effect snow for Thanksgiving, the same won't be said for early this week.

Multiple meteorologists are now calling for lake effect snow to impact Western New York, Monday through Wednesday. The timing is pretty interesting, as Buffalo will be impacted but not as much as the southern tier.

Nick Guzzo of WIVB says it will be plowable snow just south of Buffalo, whereas we get some in the city and north of Buffalo.

We're still a day away from finding out the accumulation totals we should expect, but it looks like Tuesday is the day to prepare for when it comes to lake snow bands in Western New York. Wednesday will be more localized and most of it should be gone by Thursday.

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