An accident during a mating attempt at the Detroit Zoo left one polar bear dead, and today we're learning that bear used to call Buffalo home.

Anana, a 20-year-old female polar bear was killed by 16-year-old Nuka on Monday. The two bears had just been reintroduced after spending a few months apart. A representative from the Detroit Zoo called the attack “completely unexpected.”

Today we're learning that Anana previously lived at the Buffalo Zoo, and even if you hadn't visited her in person -- there's a good chance you know one of her cubs.

Anana gave birth to Luna, who has been at the Buffalo Zoo since she was born.

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The Buffalo Zoo released a statement regarding Anana’s death:

“We are incredibly sad to hear of Anana’s passing. She was a beloved member of the Buffalo Zoo family for many years and the mother to our own Luna. She will be greatly missed. Our hearts also go out to our colleagues at the Detroit Zoo, who are dealing with this tragic situation.”

WIVB reports Anana arrived at the Detroit Zoo in January 2020.

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