A woman keeps getting pulled over in Western New York because of the Halloween decoration on her car.

On Facebook, she says that she keeps getting pulled over and is asking you to STOP calling the police and to 'use common sense'.

It DOES look real, though. She took to Facebook to post about how many times the police have been called because she has a fake leg that is hanging out of the trunk:

Three times now the police have been called and had to break away from potentially something more important because you guys keep calling the police.
My husband was pulled over on i190, we were blocked into our parking space in Tops by two separate police units, and just two days ago I was harassed again outside of Walmart as I was leaving because somebody called the police.
Really? Like really? Does it look that real to you? Please use a little bit of Common Sense and understand that there is no way the hatch would be able to close if there was a leg in it... Smh.

You can tell that this woman (obviously by her license plate) is not from New York State, but certainly must be new to the Buffalo area because she calls the 190, 'i190'--everyone in Buffalo calls it THE 190.

The post was met with mixed reviews.

Lexy on Facebook

This looks too real . I’d call the police too I’m sorry. I watch too many true crime documentaries

Javon says:

I've seen many with this prop. I'm surprised ppl still react to them lol

Ethan posted under the pictures:

Maybe add more decoration really emphasize the Halloween, more people might get it

Apparently, there are a few other people who have done this car prop in Western New York. Have you seen any other decorations in Western New York that just look TOO real?

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