If you grew up in New York State, give yourself credit for learning and knowing some challenging names of towns. Across the Empire State, there are some beautiful areas with a bounty of history that makes this a great place to live. But the names of the towns, villages and cities that we call home are challenging for outsiders to pronounce.

I found this video that pretty much sums up how difficult it can be to try and say or pronounce certain names of towns across New York State.

Growing up in Buffalo, NY, I have to admit, there are some towns that are even challenging for me to get out on the first try sometimes. Cattaraugus and Chautauqua come to mind as a couple of examples. For whatever reason, the word OLEAN is a struggle for people who are not from here. The O is long, the E is long and the AN is pronounced like UN. O LEE UN. I have heard it a variety of ways that are similar but, wrong.

The names of the towns and villages are a great tribute to the founders and those who lived on this land generations ago. Here in New York, we complain about the weather, the taxes and our sports teams. But, we are very proud of the places we call home, even if they may be a challenge to learn how to say or to spell!

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