There are some reporters and new personalities who become household names and ,almost like, our extended family. We see them every night in our living rooms and perhaps follow them on social media. These are people we trust and count on for information and when they retire it is bittersweet.

If you watch Channel 2 News in Buffalo, New York, the local NBC affiliate, get ready for one of the best reporters to say goodbye. It is the end of an era for an NBC legend who has celebrated more than 30 years on the air covering stories around the world!

Watching the nightly news has always been a part of my life. My father was a history teacher and I remember watching the evening news with him before we had dinner. Reporters like Kerry Sanders would show us the stories of people from around the world and my father would drop in various commentary about the people and the places we saw from those reports. It was as if my dad was the color analyst and the reporter called the action!

Now that I have kids of my own, we still watch the news and my kids pick on me for it! They don't really understand the beauty of these reports as they, like most these days, want their information NOW and get it from social media. The Nightly News to them "is for old people"! Their words...not mine.

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