We are already in the month of March! 2023 is flying by already and if one of your resolutions was to get a new tattoo or start getting some ink, there is one that has made a big comeback!

There are various reasons why people get tattoos. Anything from kids and family names or faces to celebrating military service or just making a permanent statement about something, there are endless options. But one popular tattoo that got a bad name has returned and coming to a beach near you this summer.

Remember the "tramp stamp" tattoo? The tattoo that some put on the small of their back? It is making a comeback this year according to reports.

Against all odds, the tramp stamp, along with other ’90s tattoos, is making a comeback.

I have a few tattoos and plan on getting a few more. We have three kids and one due in May and I plan to get their names tattooed in a creative way on my arm. The "tramp stamp" isn't the only retro ink to may a return. The barbed wire tat is also back!

“Like with all trends, I think things become ‘retro’ after about 30 years and become cool again,” Australian tattoo artist Clare Clarity tells The Sydney Morning Herald.

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