You finally did it.  You got engaged.  Now the planning starts.  Before you can do anything, you need a date.  So how do you choose?

Picking your date is the first step

There is so much to plan when it comes to weddings.  You need a venue, and a photographer, a DJ or a band, someone to do your flowers, maybe a limo, and a bunch more.  But none of that can be done until you've got your date set.  You can call around and get package prices, but unless they're available on the date that you choose, none of it matters.

How do you choose a date?

Some people like to choose the date itself because it's the most important thing to them.  They might want the same anniversary date as a grandparent or a parent.  It could be the weather that's important to them.  It could be when the other vendors are all available.

Sometimes it's just that the date is cute.  Those dates tend to go quickly.

Popular wedding dates from the past

Last year had a couple of those. Some of the "cute" dates that people booked up quickly were dates like,

2-3-23 (Friday) - 23-23 is easy to remember

3-24-23 (Friday) - It's a palindrome date.  It's read the same both backwards and forwards

3-25-23 (Saturday) - Another palindrome date

4-1-23 (Saturday) - Anything that ends in 1-2-3 was popular

6-23-23 (Friday) - Again, 23-23 is easy to remember

7-1-23 (Saturday) - Anything that ends in 1-2-3...again.

7-16-23 (Sunday) - It's our area code

9-1-23 (Friday) - Anything that ends in 1-2-3...again.

9-23-23 (Saturday) - 23-23

10-20-23 (Friday) - 10-20 is another easy one to remember

12-1-23 (Friday) - 1-2-3

12-2-23 (Saturday) - That 2-2-2 in the middle

12-31-23 (Sunday) - New Year's Eve AND it reads 123-123

You get the idea...


So what will the cute/popular dates in 2024 be?

1-12-24 (Friday) - 1+1 = 2   +2=4

2-2-24 (Friday) - 2/22 is easy to remember

2-23-24 (Friday)

2-24-24 (Saturday)

3-22-24 (Friday)

3-23-24 (Saturday)

3-24-24 (Sunday)

4-20-24 (Saturday) - There's your palindrome date

5-24-24 (Friday)

8-23-24 (Friday)

8-24-24 (Saturday)

10-4-24 (Friday) - Over and out

11-23-24 (Saturday)

Whatever date you choose, just make sure as soon as you choose it, you start getting deposits on dates.  They get gobbled up quickly and there's nothing worse when you're trying to plan a wedding than falling in love with a vendor only to find that they aren't available.

Good luck with your planning!

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