Most things nowadays are caught on camera and it looks like two "ghosts" were caught on camera on a Ring video in Amherst over the weekend.

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Check out this video feed from my Ring video camera that shows two objects appear out of the blue and then just as quickly as they appear they disappear.

The images are from around 3:50 am on a Saturday morning and the two objects show up at 3:55 am. There was no other movement captured on the Ring camera at least 1 hour before and after these two objects appeared.

It is only a short clip because the Ring camera was not activated by any movement within the viewing area.

In a close up of the video, it looks like the bottom object could resemble a human form.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2020

This wouldn't be the first time a "ghost" has been spotted in Western New York. Western New York has several well known "Haunted" spots including Lily Dale Assembly in Chautauqua County and the Rolling Hills Asylum in Genesee County.

Some other spots in Western New York that are reported to be haunted are the Buffalo's Central Terminal, The Van Horn Mansion, and The Riviera Theatre in Tonawanda.

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