The high heat and humidity will be back on Monday and as a result, the power companies are asking their customers to be prepeared.

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As the afternoon heat fires up Monday, air conditioners and fans and cooling devices like freezers and refrigeration will be put to the test.
This July is going to be known as the warmest month in Buffalo history!
To help save a bit of money, National Grid suggests you use fans to circulate air around your home and even adjust your thermostat by a couple of degrees.
This is going to be one of those days that you want to check on your older family members and friends and remember to give your pets lots of water and shade.
It was a few years back that we experienced a blackout in the northeast during one of the hottest days in August. I was working at the Erie County Fair and we were mid-auction. The auctioneer had to use a portable megaphone to announce to the crowd! It was sweltering hot that afternoon.
What exactly is a rolling blackout? IF it were to happen, says:

Rolling blackouts, or rotating outages, are systematic, temporary power outages that help bring balance to the supply and demand of electricity in the market.

The good news for those who don't love the heat is that we are expected to get back to a more normal summer pattern with less humidity and lower high temperatures than we have seen over the last month.

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