The need for a mask or gloves is real and you may find that you are somewhere that you need them but can't find them. Just like your favorite soft drink or candy, they may be just a few buttons away in a vending machine.

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I have to admit, at first it was weird to have to wear a mask when I walked in and out of work. But I have become used to it. So much in fact that I feel naked without one! There are so many designs and colors that it has become a new normal addition to your wardrobe. Even swimwear is being sold with a third piece!

But will PPE vending machines be coming to the Buffalo and Western New York area any time soon?

I was reading an article about these in the USA Today. According to the story, airports will be some of the first places you will see these machines.

New to the lineup this week: three machines selling personal protective equipment including face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and wipes.

I am all for it! We have a couple vending machines here at The Rand Building. Most of them are filled with pop or cookies and candy. Which we treat as breakfast most days when we are hungry. But PPE like gloves and masks may help if clients come to the studio who may have left them in the car or if our gloves and mask get misplaced here at the station.

I would also be in favor of them being available near gas pumps and things that people touch a lot. Public restrooms and even parks may be a great idea?




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