It's going to be extremely hot and humid in Western New York over the next few days.

The heat index on Wednesday could reach the 90s across parts of New York State and we have the risk of pop-up thunderstorms late Tuesday and through Wednesday.

Summer is clearly on the mind of most people in Western New York. We haven't even yet had the Erie County Fair, but that hasn't stopped some signs of fall from making its way into the public conscious.

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I was scrolling through Twitter this week and couldn't believe what I saw and neither could the person who tweeted what I saw.

Brennan Somers of WHEC saw a huge supply of Southern Tier Brewing's Pumpkin Ale being brought out of the cooler and yes, it's mid-July.

Some people have even seen back-to-school advertisements in certain retail stores over the last two weeks and yes, it is in fact still July. We even have 12 days left in the month of July and have the rest of August and most of September, before we even get to the official start of fall.

We always see seasonal stuff gets brought out early but two months is quite the head start.

For the record, I love Southern Tier's fall beers and many people in Western New York adore Oktoberfest-style beers from our amazing local breweries, but we still have summer to get through!

If you are already looking for pumpkin-flavored things, however, this is great news.

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