The fall is still a few weeks away. But that is not stopping one place from getting on the pumpkin spice bandwagon earlier than ever.

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It has been a hot and interesting summer to say the least. The Erie County Fair should be going this week and we should be thinking about pre-season football games! But instead we are wondering about what schools are going to look like and how we can keep COVID-19 out of our homes.

It may be early. But given all that we have put up with, why not start the things we love about fall early?

Pumpkin spice season is starting very soon at some Dunkin' locations. Eager customers around the country can get the pumpkin spice latte by next Wednesday. Pumpkin flavored coffees are going to be added to the menu this year as well!

Who doesn't love the fall? Yes, the snow and cold follow fall closely. But the cool clear days and changing leaves make Buffalo and Western New York a great place to be in Autumn. Even during a pandemic we can all have something to look forward to. Hoodies, campfires and pumpkin spice all make the season more enjoyable.

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