Summer break is almost over, and kids all over Buffalo will be getting on the bus with their books before you know it. It’s time we enjoy these last few weeks of summer before they head back to school. 

Unfortunately, we all know that the weather here in Western New York is unpredictable. We could have sunny skies and hot temperatures one day, followed by days of downpours.

It’s something we’ve come to expect and get used to, right?

Yeah, tell that to any parent trying to entertain their kids who are home for the summer.

What Activities Do You Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day In Buffalo, NY?

During the summer, enjoying the great outdoors in nice weather is ideal -  not just because it’s good for them, but also so you don’t go insane.

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No one wants to spend their last days of summer cooped up inside, and setting your kids in front of a screen isn’t ideal

kids on phones

Every parent knows that bored kids + frazzled nerves = stress. Can you feel your blood pressure rising just thinking about it?

Buffalo Is Full Of Fun Places To Go When It’s Raining

Great news! There’s tons of fun places to take the kids on a rainy summer day here in Buffalo, New York. 

Whether you want them to learn something, get some exercise, or just get out of your hair (no judgment!), you can make sure the kids get out of the house and have some fun before summer is officially over.

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Many of these great ideas are inexpensive, or absolutely free! And Mom and Dad are sure to have some fun, too.

Here are some kid-approved ways to prevent boredom on a rainy day in Buffalo. 

Raining? 10 Last Minute Indoor Activities Buffalo Kids Will Love

No sunshine? No problem! Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids from boredom on a rainy summer day in Buffalo.

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