Let's take two salty foods and put them together!! That's what's happening at the end of July!  Pringles has teamed up with Japan's Nissin Top Ramen for an exclusive ramen-flavored chip. The chip will be exclusively available and Dollar Generals for a limited time.

According to press release from Pringles, "Pringles flavorologists worked closely with Nissin to pop the top on a classic noodle dish and bring the fan-favorite Top Ramen Chicken Flavor to life on a Pringles crisp."

You'll be able to purchase these at a steal too! To keep true to the "affordability" of Ramen the special edition Pringles will be priced at $1.50!

There are plenty of Dollar Generals in WNY:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 6.49.27 AM

Find the closest one to you HERE.

Source: UPI.com

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