When I woke up today I saw a story on facebook about a woman who was up to her eyeballs in Christmas shopping and was at the end of her string.  Just about the time she was ready to pull her hair out, a man showed her some kindness and gave her his place in line so she could get through quicker.  That inspired me to find other acts of kindness.

First I took to my facebook page with a challenge.

facebook entry

Then I asked people to tell me if they experienced a random act of kindness at all throughout the day.  It was a chance to give a virtual shout out to the people that had touched lives and never gave their names to be thanked.

With all the bad things that can happen in life, and the doom and gloom that people are predicting, it's nice to see that there are so many good people left walking this earth.  Not only that, but they're right here in our backyard!  I asked for stories of random acts of kindness and I got a ton of them!  I ran out of time.  I honestly think that this topic could have gone all night.  So for those phone calls that didn't make it to the air tonight, they were not forgotten.  Here's a shout out to some of the other great deeds that were done.

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