Randy Houser explores late night young love in his 'Goodnight Kiss' video, which is the finale in a trilogy of videos that follow the story of a young, attractive couple who appear truly and madly in love.

It was preceded by the videos for 'How Country Feels' and 'Runnin' Outta Moonlight.' This third clip was filmed at Nashville's historic Fontanel Mansion and captures the essence of romance and being surrounded by the people you love. It exudes a warmth, and that's not because of the tea lights in the scenery.

The 'Goodnight Kiss' video starts out with the female half of the relationship getting ready after receiving a box from her boyfriend containing a dress. She gets in his car, and he drives her to a romantic locale for a picnic under the stars. She's then blindfolded and lead to a surprise party of sorts, surrounded by lovely friends and balloons. Her smile lights up the room, and his surprise for her includes lots of other people -- an unpredictable touch.

There is footage of Houser playing as part of the action at this party, but the best part happens when the young couple ends up on the porch, looking up at the night sky and sharing a smooch, but not before a little flashback action.

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