There is a lot happening in the sky this January and people are in for a real treat at the end of the month. According to, a rare event is happening where you will see a lot going on with moon all at once. A supermoon, Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse or also know as a 'Super Blue Blood Moon".

A Blue Moon is when two full moons happen in the same calendar month and a lunar eclipse is when the moon passes through the earths shadow and the super moon is when the lunar eclipse aligns with the moon's "closest approach to Earth in a single orbit". So the fact that all of these are happening not just close together, but pretty much on the same night is really special.

The full moon and the lunar eclipse will happen January 31th/February 1st with the supermoon taking place on January 30th. And while it is technically happening on the 30th before the moon will reach its full peak, NASA is still calling it a supermoon.

When Can You See It in WNY?

The supermoon will be visible starting on January 30th, that means that the moon will look huge and you'll take a double look when you see it shining in the night sky.

The Lunar Eclipse will start to be visible around 5:51am on January 31,2018. While it will be hard to see, look for the darkening and reddening of the moon around 6:48am. Residents to west will get a much better view of the Lunar Eclipse this time around.

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