There is an illness that is spreading in cities in New York State that is not only scary, it is caused by rat pee!

The spring and summer are big seasons for rats as the warmer weather makes garbage more attractive to rodents and there are more people tossing trash and other litter on streets and sidewalks.

But as we get closer to Earth Day 2024, this may be a good time to remember that we are responsible for the future of the planet. Throw trash where it should go and clean up the area/neighborhood where you live.

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There are reports this week that more and more people in New York State, specifically those in cities, are getting sick from a disease that is caused by being in contact with rat urine.

Leptospirosis,causes flu-like symptoms and can be contracted by getting water or soil contaminated by the urine in your mouth, nose or broken skin.

There are few things that are more frustrating than when people litter or leave garbage piled up. I have even seen people throw entire fast food bags and containers out there windows of their vehicles! If there are rats, it is time to pay attention and be part of the solution.

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