I remember as a kid being so sick of doing homework and saying "I wish I was an adult" and it's funny, my mom reminds me of that when I talk about all of my grown up responsibilities that I have daily now. What I wouldn't give to be a kid again, to play with all of those toys and have very little responsibility, but unless I am in a Hollywood movie being an adult that is the reality.

I really enjoy Christmas every year and now that I have my own daughter and a son on the way I get to shop for them, I get to walk up and down the aisles of toys in the stores and say "man I used to play with that"!

Being the adult homeowner that I am I do like to do things around the house to spruce it up and I like working on the landscaping out front to improve the curb appeal. I got a new lawn edger, cordless drill and drill bits among other "adult" things for Christmas, and I am excited to use those items for sure!

What really excited me this Christmas was being able to play with the toys that I played with as a kid, and my parents bought me a couple of those items! As I opened the gifts I was reminded by my mom how I always say "I never get anything fun anymore" but this year was different.

I got a Nerf dart gun and I got a radio controlled truck! Boy was I in my glory!! The radio controlled car was the first thing that I played with, it was great! I sat on the couch and drove the truck all around the living room, maneuvering and holding that controller, put a big smile on my face! I definitely did not hit the wall with the truck like I remember doing as a kid.

As someone else in the family decided they wanted to try the truck, I decided it was time to get down and have some fun with the Nerf dart gun. It was blast being huddled d0wn behind the table, ducking down outside the door and hiding behind the tree just waiting for someone to walk by so I could hit them with a dart! What a fun time, I laughed and smiled alot for sure!

I look forward to re-living those childhood memories even more with my daughter and son on the way playing with those toys that I used to as a kid. There are many toys that I walk past all the time in the store and I am just a few years away from getting them for my son, Lego's, Hot Wheels cars and racetracks! I hope you got to re-live those memories like I did on Christmas day, I would love to hear your stories below and if there is any toy that you could get for Christmas or did get, I would love to hear about those too!