The 2020 Emmy Awards have been handed out and it was a small amount of viewers who watched.

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Jimmy Kimmel hosted as a record low number of people watched the show this past Sunday evening. The big winners that most were talking about after the show was the cast for the show Schitt's Creek.

The 6.1 million viewers is down from 6.9 million in 2019. This comes just a week after the National Football League also posted lower ratings for their opening week of games.

There is a theory that politics have taken over the award shows and professional sports and has turned people off to them. With the way 2020 has gone, it is almost impossible to avoid some sort of in your face politics and even the things we turn to as a distraction are filled with some sort of message beyond entertainment.

Speaking for our home, our kids pretty much have control of what we are watching. I think we have seen all four of the Toy Story movies over a hundred different times. I can't say that I hate it! As a matter of fact, we are even considering being some of the characters for Halloween.

The award season is in full swing and in November, the Country Music Association will hand out it's top honors on CBS in a show that is planned to be carried live from Nashville.

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