Reddy Bikeshare company is now allowed to set up shop Buffalo after the common council approved their license. You will now soon see kiosks set up around the area for people to rent and use. Locations for the kiosks have not yet been determined but they are taking suggestions and votes on where the kiosks should go on their website.

Bike share programs are available in many bigger cities across the country and encourage a healthier and more accessible mode of transportation. In partnership with Independent Health, Share Mobility Inc. says this about Reddy Bikeshare:

"This state-of-the-art bike share program provides local residents and visitors with an alternate form of transportation that supports healthy, active lifestyles while also offering a fun and easy way to explore the waterfront, downtown, and surrounding neighborhoods."

Reddy Bikeshare isn't offering just bikes, these are smart bikes! Equipped with gps tracking devices and tools to count calories, these bikes are designed to give you not just a ride but an experience.  Learn more about the bikes and the program on their website here.

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