So far, the only professional sports team in Buffalo, NY to win a championship is the Buffalo Bandits, and they managed to win the title for back-to-back years! 

The energy in Banditland is unbelievable, and it goes above and beyond any other sports team I’ve seen in Western New York, and other professional athletes seem to agree with that. 

Reid Ferguson, the long snapper for the Buffalo Bills, got tickets for his family to see the Buffalo Bandits take on the Albany Firewolves in the National Lacrosse League championship game. 

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Other Bandit fans recognized Ferguson, but it wasn’t until he was on the jumbotron during the third quarter that everyone became aware that Ferguson was there to support the Bandits. 

When the camera flashed to Ferguson and his family in the arena, he took that opportunity to get the crowd hyped ahead of the second half of the game. 

Take a look at this unforgettable moment from the Buffalo Bandits game this weekend. 

It’s amazing that the Bills Shout Song can play at a lacrosse game and still have the same effect it does during a Buffalo Bills game. Now, throw Reid Ferguson holding an orange Bandits towel into the mix, and the crowd will find a way to get even louder. 

After the game, players from the Buffalo Bandits gave credit to the fans for helping them through the season to go onto win another championship. 

Congratulations to your 2024 NLL Champions: the Buffalo Bandits. :) 

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