'Saved By The Bell' is probably one of the most iconic shows of the 90's. And one of the most iconic scenes from that show is the "Jessie and No-Doz pills" episode. For me, those three little words, "I'm So Excited" will never be heard the same way again.

For most of us, a show reunion would be the ultimate moment for us to relive our childhood! Elizabeth Berkley got us one step closer the other night on 'Dancing With The Stars' when she recreated the famous "Pill" episode! Take a look:

Now, a part of that episode that is often forgotten is another gem to keep stored away and bring out when you need a smile. The very short lived group that encountered a pill problem before they could even get signed....I give you, "Hot-Sundae":

Saved By The Bell: Jesse & The Sundaes from Good Kids. on Vimeo.

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