Freezy Freakies are back.

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The color-changing gloves and mittens you remember from your 1980s childhood are being made again, and are available in both adult and child sizes.

The original styles you remember are available on their website.

The company claims these are better made than they used to be.

This is one case where I'm glad they don't make 'em like they used to. But when it comes to looks, these are just as good as we remember the OG being.

"Instead of putting a modern "spin" on the classic designs, we've stayed true to the original art. But we have changed the stuff inside the gloves to make them more functional. These puppies have a modern insulating midlayer that adds breathable warmth, a water-resistant outershell to prevent soaking through, and a super-soft and cozy microfleece lining. Because sometimes new stuff is actually better."

This means you won't be sacrificing numb wrists for fashion in this iteration of Freaky Freezies. I'm pretty sure I lost all sensation in my wrists from winter after winter of snow caking inside my old I HEART SNOW mittens.

Available at their website for around $30.

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