It was over 20 years ago that Garth Brooks was the host of Saturday Night Live and it was just as awkward as you might expect!

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Country music was front and center again this past weekend as Morgan Wallen was the featured guest artist! He was even part of a skit that poked fun at his most recent drama. It was a big night for Morgan who got to do a make-good on the show after his appearance was canceled a few weeks back.

But it was 1998 when the biggest star in country music was the HOST of the show! Garth Brooks could possibly be the ultimate entertainer. Not only can he self-promote like no other star, but he can also blend into any situation. His jokes may have been a little lackluster at the start of the show, but he recovered quickly.

Country music has made a big surge in popularity in 2020. Much like Garth Brooks was able to do in the 1990s, stars like Morgan Wallen have emerged to make country music "cool again" for those who may have turned their backs to it. Until recently, the "bro-country" stigma was making it tough for country music to get its strength back among those who were was on the fence about it. But the rise in popularity these days can be attributed to the return of the traditions of country music.

Garth Brooks continues his success as his recent album "Fun" has landed in the top ten for albums this month!!

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