It's not too often Buffalo gets to say it was the city that a famous movie was filmed in, but that's what happened with the iconic baseball movie, The Natural.

The Robert Redford led film made its theater debut 35 years ago and in the summer of 1983, was filmed here in Buffalo...or, at least two thirds of it.

Starring Redford, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Robert Duvall and Wilford Brimley, most of the baseball scenes were filmed at the old War Memorial Stadium (nicknamed The Rockpile), which was located on Dodge and Best Street. Former home of the Bills and Bisons.

Many people who remember that summer when the movie was filmed here say the actors and actresses spent much of their free time around the city. Other scenes in The Natural were filmed at the Ellicott Square Building, the Central Terminal, All High Stadium, the Masten Street Armory and Parkside Candy on Main Street.

There's something about sports movies that draw me to them. When it comes to sports movies, it's a fine line between mediocre and good and The Natural was definitely a great one. There weren't many baseball movies that were as good as The Natural.

Which is why it's still incredibly cool to know that Buffalo was the place many of those iconic scenes were shot.

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