There are quite a few residents of Hamburg who are taking a stand against the proposed new AL Asphalt plant that would be located on Camp Road in the town of Hamburg.

According to WIVB, residents voiced their disagreement of a new asphalt plant at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

The residents who spoke at the meeting said the plant would not only pollute the air and cause an unpleasant odor, but also that it would be too close to schools and small businesses, along with decreasing property values.

“We feel strongly that this does not belong in this community,” said Hamburg resident Kimberly Hamm. “We have schools that are right close by, there are businesses and families and they don’t need to be exposed to the toxins that are going into the air, the carcinogens, terrible chemicals and it’s not wanted in this community.”

The lawyer for AL Asphalt was told not to comment until all residents who wanted to speak, did.

No decision by the Town of Hamburg was made. The board will listen to everyone's concerns and let AL Asphalt's lawyer take time to address the concerns.

Another meeting will happen but no date has been set.

Read the full story at WIVB.


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