Escape City Buffalo has done it again. They've taken what WNY knew as an Escape Room and turned it on its head. You will not find better production quality for a 60 minutes escape room in WNY than what Escape City Buffalo has managed to do. They do have a leg up on other escape rooms because of their background with Firghtworld but they have also come in strong with their puzzles and theme.

Escape City Buffalo now has two rooms open, Body Collectors and now Over the Falls, with two more on the way in the fall. I can tell you that after you complete the rooms that are open you will be itching for fall to come!

In Over the Falls you are transported to the belly of an old cargo ship on the mighty Niagara where Canadian pirates have taken over and locked you in the boiler room. They've taken your loot and have pointed your ship towards the Falls. You have one hour to solve the clues and make it out before you and the ship go OVER THE FALLS!

The thing that makes the room so amazing is the detail in the are on a ship and you feel like you are. This makes the clues less obvious because everything is so realistic. From the rust on the walls to the water from the river, you are taken right to the scenario they give you before entering the room.

Unlike, Body Collectors this room has no to low fear level (unless you're afraid of boats), it's more of an adventure room where nothing is there to frighten you on purpose. They do have a "you might get wet" warning and that is true, but you will not leave there needing a change of clothes unless you do something stupid.

Bottom line is you can't go wrong with any room at Escape City Buffalo. If you're not into the scary and Body Collectors isn't your thing then Over the Falls in a must! They also now have a private room available for parties! Make the escape room trip a whole night or a bonding event for your staff!

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