There’s a great new hit show on the CW called “Hart of Dixie”. The show is set in a small town called Bluebell, Alabama. The main character, Zoe Hart, is a doctor who is trying to find her calling. In the first episode, life is great; she just finished a residency at a New York Hospital, has a great boyfriend and applied for a fellowship and wants to be a heart surgeon.  Then at the same time, everything starts going wrong, she loses her boyfriend and doesn’t get the fellowship. However, she was offered a job at a small practice in Bluebell. Zoe decides to take the job offer and moves down to the great state of Alabama. The show stars Rachel Bilson, who plays Zoe Hart. She has also starred in the hit show “The O.C.”.  The show does a great job of portraying how a small town life can be. The soundtrack is also incredible. It has featured some big named country stars. For example, Billy Currington, Sugarland, Darius Rucker and Jack Ingram, That’s just a few of the artists that have been involved with the show’s soundtrack. I got to tell you I fell in love with the show from the very first episode. Currently it can be seen on Monday nights at 9 p.m. If you have checked out yet, go to CW TV  to check out the latest episodes.

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